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Terms of Use for the BBC Alumni Portal

Page updated: June 2018
Version 1.0

A few rules for you

We want everyone to enjoy using the BBC Alumni Portal.  All intellectual property rights in the Alumni Portal are owned by the BBC but any comment, photo or video you post remains yours.  Here are a few rules that you’ll need to stick to. If you don’t, we’ll stop your access.

1. I’ll use the Alumni Portal for the purpose of staying in touch with the BBC, the BBC Alumni Relations team and my former BBC colleagues. Specifically:

  • I won’t disclose access details to anyone else
  • I’ll only use the Alumni Portal for private use and never for commercial purposes. You can’t advertise. We don’t allow comments that advertise or promote things like this:
    • Personal websites or forums
    • Surveys and questionnaires
    • Websites or auction sites that mainly exist to sell stuff
    • Charity or fundraising events.
  • I won’t make copies of the Alumni Portal
  • I won’t share any content from the Alumni Portal
  • I’ll only post content written in English

2. I’ll use the Alumni Portal fairly and legally. We are a friendly and supportive community so be kind, respectful and encouraging and you’ll fit right in. Express your opinion in a way that’s polite and fair - being mean or causing arguments is not allowed and you can’t be abusive or disruptive. Specifically:

  • I’ll comply with these terms of use and all relevant laws (such as copyright and data protection laws) and agree I am responsible for all photos, videos or comments I post
  • I won’t post or communicate anything in the Alumni Portal that offends other users
  • I will register to use the Alumni Portal using my real name (see our Privacy Notice for further information on how we use your personal information - you’ll have the option to hide your profile from other users in your privacy settings after you register)
  • I won’t login to the Alumni Portal using another person’s identity
  • I won’t share or inappropriately use the personal data of anyone else (such as using it for the distribution of unsolicited communications)
  • I won’t post any comment, photo or video that is discriminatory, obscene, illegal or similar
  • I won’t upload any files that might be or seem to be infected with a virus.

3. I understand that there is no guarantee for the availability of the service or operational reliability.

4. I agree that any comment, photo or video I post will be moderated by the BBC Alumni Relations team who may remove inappropriate content or stop my access.

5. We take great care that the BBC Alumni Portal is the best it can be. We’re not liable for anything that happens (a mishap) if:

  • you rely on advice, data, commentary, opinions or any other information
  • there are errors, omissions, interruptions, delays, bugs or viruses
  • we turn off or remove anything or this service
  • the thing that happens couldn’t reasonably have been foreseen
  • the thing that happens wouldn’t usually result from the mishap
  • you and we hadn’t agreed that this thing would probably happen in the event of a mishap

6. We may update these terms of use and when we do the latest version always applies.

Privacy Notice for the BBC Alumni Portal

Page updated: November 2021
Version 3.0


This Privacy Notice applies to, which is owned and operated by BBC. 

Your trust is very important to us, so the BBC is committed to protecting the privacy and security of your personal information.

It’s important that you read this Privacy Notice so that you know how and why we are using such information. This Privacy Notice describes how we collect and use personal information about you during and after your use of the BBC Alumni Portal in line with data protection law.

You can find out more about how the BBC processes personal data, including your rights under data protection law and details of how you can contact the BBC’s Data Protection Officer, in the BBC’s Privacy and Cookies Policy.

Where there is inconsistency between our Privacy & Cookies Policy and this Privacy Notice, this Privacy Notice overrides.

What will we collect and how will we use it?

The BBC will collect and process the personal information that you have provided to us about yourself. We will collect your:

  • name
  • email address
  • first half of your home postcode
  • BBC staff number
  • last BBC building base
  • last BBC job title
  • dates of BBC employment

The personal information that you provide will be processed for the purposes of verifying your former BBC employment and setting up your BBC Alumni Portal account. Your Portal account will be set up so other Alumni can see your name, a photo (if you upload one), groups you have subscribed to on the Portal and your last BBC job title. Once you are signed up, you can amend your profile and privacy settings here

We will also use your details to respond to queries or comments, send you newsletters and event invitations and develop and enhance our services.  Additionally we will send you regional information and invitations based upon the postcode area you provide.

The BBC processes your personal information based on its legitimate interests to bring together former colleagues and keep you up to date on BBC plans and content. Activating your BBC Alumni account means that you will receive regular information that we think may be of interest to you, such as tickets to BBC shows, exclusive alumni events, updates and e-newsletters. If you would prefer not to receive any or all emails from the BBC Alumni, you can unsubscribe at any point by updating your settings here or emailing


The BBC Alumni portal uses strictly necessary cookies to improve the services on the website, you can also choose to activate a cookie to remember your login and password. A cookie is a small file that is transmitted to your hard disk and enables the BBC to recognise you again when you next visit the portal. You can change or switch off cookies in your browser settings, but this may mean some website functions are no longer available.   

As of April 2021, plug-ins for social media networks Facebook, Linkedin and Twitter are no longer active.

How long will we retain your information?

If you have not accessed the BBC Alumni Portal for six months, we will send you a reminder to check whether you are still interested in receiving our communications.  You can unsubscribe at any time at which point your account will be closed. Once your account is closed we will delete your information, unless we have a legal reason for retaining it.

You will be able to update your own online profile, sign up or remove yourself from mailing lists and groups in the portal. Alternatively, if you want to leave the BBC Alumni Network or if you want to request any changes to your profile, you can email us at

Sharing your information

To provide the BBC Alumni Portal, your data will be processed by PeoplePath GmbH, a company within the EEA, acting on our behalf. We won’t share your data with third parties or use your data for any other purposes not associated with BBC Alumni.